He made it look easy on Sunday but, was it? This is his 8th win for the clock and looks like he  is on his way to another championship.. - WB Southern Race Week - Radio

This is what the driver of the #48 ride said in VL...

JIMMIE JOHNSON:  Yeah, we had a great weekend and I know that the stats clearly show that.  But probably the most calm, relaxed thought-out weekend that we've had as the 48, and mature weekend we've had.  We really fell back on our experience and stayed committed to that, and Friday was easier to stay committed because
qualifying trim, Chad and Dave and everybody gave me just a way fast race car.

           Q: YOU MADE IT LOOKS SO EASY - IS IT?  Made that easy, but as we got into
Saturday and race practice, this track can play some games with you, and there were times where we could put up a fast lap but we didn't have what we
thought -- it wouldn't look competitive compared to other guys on track and guys adjusting their cars to the current conditions.

          Q:WHAT NOTES AND PLAN DID YOU HAVE GOING IN THIS WEEKEND?  We stuck to our game plan and knew
what we wanted to have in the race and stayed patient, and it was tough to do at times, but it certainly worked out well.

            And in the race, we had to adjust on the fly.  The track changed more than we thought it would, and Chad put some great changes under the car.  It's kind of the time when the 18 and the 20 got to us, and we were able to get our car dialed in.  I'm not sure where they went following that, but and the 15 and 24 showed up and I still had my hands full.