Thomas Rhett Is Loving All Of His Life Changes

Thomas Rhett is getting used to being a dad to daughter Willa as he and wife Lauren await the birth of their other daughter next month. Thomas says Willa is simply “amazing,” and has blossomed from a shy child to one who will “literally jump into your arms if you ask her to.”

Thomas adds that he’s particularly amazed at how “supportive” his fans have been since they brought Willa home from Africa back in May. According to Rhett, “my fans have been the most loving people ever towards Willa and towards Lauren and towards our family.”

Thomas Rhett gives fans a glimpse into his personal life with his new lyric video for "Unforgettable." The clip features candid footage of Thomas, his wife Lauren and their daughter Willa backstage at shows, playing on the beach and more.

Talk about #FamilyGoals.



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