Carrie Underwood Is The Champion of NBC

The Super Bowl's opening sequence this year will feature "The Champion" -- a new song written by Carrie Underwood. 

The song got the stamp of approval from Carrie's husband, former hockey star Mike Fisher, who listened to the song before the Stanley Cup playoff games. She tells Variety, "He was like ‘I want everyone to hear it!’ and I had to tell him, ‘You can’t do that. You can’t play it in the locker room. I’m sorry.’ But that was a good indicator that we were on the right track.”

We'll all have to wait till Super Bowl 52 on February 4th to hear the song. 

Carrie is taking a break from touring, but it sounds like she's been busy writing songs. 

NBC obviously loves Carrie.  She stars in the Sunday Night Football open and they asked her to write a song for the Super Bowl.

The Sunday Night Football open cost seven figures to make.

No word if Carrie will appear in the Super Bowl open. 

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