Chris Young Re-Writes His Bucket List

Chris Young is getting ready to release his 7th studio album (including his Christmas album) this Fall, when Losing Sleep comes out next month. Making it to that mark, along with so many other things in his career, has made Chris re-write his bucket list…and he’s not even upset about it.

“I feel like there are always things that you couldn’t even anticipate, but as far as me…the thing that’s been really cool is, I’ve had to re-write my bucket list. Anytime you have to do that, that’s a cool moment, and you have to go ‘Oh! All this stuff is checked off. Now I need new stuff.’ It’s insane to even think about that, and if you could go back in time and tell me, like, 10 years ago, what would be going on right now…I’d be ‘Pfft, no way.  No, it’s crazy.’ But it is…it’s crazy in the best way.”

Some of the things he could cross off recently is…singing with Vince Gill, as the pair took “Sober Saturday Night” to number-one, having a Platinum album, as his Neon album recently reached that level, and maybe the biggest check happened just a couple of weeks ago when Chris was asked to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

If you’re bucket list includes getting Chris Young’s new album, Losing Sleep, it arrives in stores and online October 20th.

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