Kip Moore Is Living Simply

Kip Moore can easily afford a big house and a fancy lifestyle, but he chooses to live like many of his fans -- simply.

He tells People, "I don’t want people to feel bad who are working that nine-to-five blue-collar job and barely getting by. I know how they feel because I did that for so many years. I don’t want those people to feel like they’re not doing something right because they’re not flying around on jets or driving fancy cars. I never want to make them feel like they’re not worthy."

Kip lives in a modest two-bedroom house in Nashville. And here's further proof he's not into the celebrity lifestyle: He's only ever taken one selfie, and that was with his band and his family.

Fun Facts:

Kip doesn't like to walk red carpets. He says it's not in his DNA.

He says he felt close to God when he visited Iceland.

Don't count on Kip to do things just for the exposure. He has to believe in whatever he's doing.

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