You Choose The News For Monday 9/18/17

Jason Was In The Fetal Position With His Butt Up In The Air.  Why? - Jason's Pick

Pretty simple reason…he had a mole removed.  It was between his cheeks.  Just another example of TMI from the one and only Jason Pullman.

Say NO To Lemons At A Restaurant   - Kristen's Pick (WINNER)

When life gives you lemons … don’t put it in your water. If you order water at a restaurant, tell them to hold the lemon. Researchers tested 76 lemons from 21 restaurants and found that 70% had been contaminated with bacteria.

Slimed! Truck Spills Tons of Goo-Producing Eels – Producer JD's Pick

Ever heard of a slime eel?  If you ever wondered why they're called "slime eels," ask no further. They created a sticky mess when a truck overturned on an Oregon highway, spilling 7,500 pounds of the creatures onto the roadway.

Slime eels, otherwise known as hagfish covered the highway after a flatbed truck carrying them in tanks overturned onto a car.

Unfortunately for the owner of the car, the eels secreted a slime when they are stressed.

Police said as the truck driver approached road construction and tried to stop, one container flew off the truck bed and into the southbound lane, while the other containers spilled onto the highway, police said.

The flying container hit one vehicle which then caused it and four other vehicles to be pushed into each other. Police said the people in the vehicle hit by the container suffered minor injuries. No one else was injured.

The road reopened after it was hosed off and bulldozed.   

The live eels were going to be shipped to Korea for consumption.

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