Bull Listener Shouts Out Local Eatery

Jason and Kristen received this email from listener Brittany...

I wanted to take a moment to mention something I witnessed today at Jason's Deli in Kennesaw. I am an EMT, and my partner and I stopped at the location for lunch.

He had been raving of how delicious the food was, so I decided to give it a try. When we arrived, I could see several tables placed together in the back corner.  They were full of grab and go catering boxes…as far as the eye could see.

We sat down, ate our lunch, and began to discuss what we had seen. As we left, we stopped to inquire about the boxes. The manager explained that for the last 5 days, the restaurant and its employees had been working hard to crank out approx. 10,000 boxed lunches a day (those of you who are terrible at math, that is FIFTY THOUSAND BOXED LUNCHES) for the victims and first responders of Hurricane Irma in South Ga & Florida. I was speechless. There have been many businesses and families sending aid and rescue to the victims from both hurricanes, but to first hand see how hard these ladies and gentlemen were working to give back to others reminded me that even past all the nastiness in this world, there is still good out there.

Jason's Deli, keep doing what your doing, you will definitely have a customers for life in me and my family!

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