You Choose The News For Friday 9-22-17

That’s Not Soap In The Dispenser – Jason’s Pick

This may make you NEVER want to wash your hands at an airport ever again! 

Airport officials at Detroit Metropolitan Airport are investigating an "unusual substance" found in soap dispensers in the North Terminal restrooms last week. Those who work at the airport say it is believed that substance is bodily fluid from a man.

The airport authority said in a statement that it takes health and safety very seriously at the airport. But seriously…who would do such a thing?!?!?!

The Airport Authority is in the process of installing new, tamper proof soap dispensers and are more frequently monitoring the restrooms.

(Fox2 Detroit)

Bathroom Break Out – Kristen’s Pick

1 in 7 people admitted in a recent survey that they escaped a bad date by saying they needed to use the restroom … and then never returning.

(NY Post)

Girl With 3-D Printed Hand Will Throw First Pitch At World Series – Producer JD’s Pick (WINNER)

Seven-year-old Hailey Dawson has a dream of throwing the first pitch at every MLB ballpark. Well, we’re happy to update her story to let you know this girl will be taking the mound to toss the ceremonial pitch during game four of the World Series this year!

Dawson was born with Poland Syndrome and uses a 3-D printed hand, but that has not slowed her down one bit or kept her from pursuing her love of baseball. And her mom, Yong, says they were totally surprised when they got a call from the MLB’s vice president.

“He said ‘We want to invite your whole family to a World Series game,’” the proud mother says. “Fantastic, dream come true right? And then he goes, ‘And we want Hailey to throw out the first pitch,’ and I started crying.’”

(Fox News)

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