You Choose The News For Monday 9-25-17

Teen Gets Locked in Cave for 60 Hours With No Cellphone Signal - JASON'S PICK

A 19-year-old is lucky to be alive after spending 60 hours locked alone inside a gated southern Indiana cave.

Indiana University freshman Lukas Cavar was on a spelunking trip when he became separated Sunday afternoon from 12 other members of his school’s Caving Club.

When he eventually reached the cave entrance, he found that his fellow club members had padlocked its gate, unaware that he remained inside. Lukas screamed for hours while not being able to get a cellphone signal. He also tried picking the padlock with a paper clip to no avail.

Dressed in light clothes, hiking boots and a helmet, Cavar had a plastic bag, two energy bar wrappers, two empty water bottles, a cellphone and a wallet. He used the energy bar wrappers to collect moisture and the water bottles to collect rainfall and puddled cave water.

Cavar also licked the cave's damp walls to quench his thirst.

Two club leaders immediately returned to the cave late Tuesday after finding a pile of clothing in a vehicle club members used to travel Sunday to the cave. They discovered Cavar uninjured and asleep behind the locked gate.


Men With These Faces Are More Likely To Cheat - KRISTEN'S PICK

A new study has found that men with wide and square faces are more likely to cheat on their significant others.

Researchers in Canada concluded that guys with wider and shorter faces – as well as faces that are more square – have a higher sex drive, which is why they’re on the prowl, even when they’re in a committed relationship.

UK Airport Wants To Reunite Lost Teddies With Their - PRODUCER JD'S PICK (WINNER)

There’s not much worse when you’re a kid than losing your favorite stuffed animal while you’re on a trip. Sadly, it happens every day and now one airport is doing its part to help bring all the bears and lovies left there back together with the kids who love and miss them.

The airport in Glasgow, Scotland wants to help reunite all the teddy bears and stuffed animals lost while traveling with their rightful owners. So they’ve made a video, “Lost teddies at Glasgow Bearport,” showing the line-up of lost teddy bears and are inviting kids to reclaim their toys.

“Glasgow Airport is asking the public to 'paws' for a moment and help it reunite lost cuddly toys with their owners,” the video explains. And to make sure more don’t go astray, the airport will now give a “Teddy Tag” to kids traveling with their stuffed animals. Because as they say, “We can’t bear for any more teddies to go missing.”

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