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A survey found that 40% of employees said they called in sick over the last year when they were perfectly healthy. Sort of surprising: A lot of those fakers are getting busted by their employers. The CareerBuilder survey found that 38% of employers checked up on a “sick” worker, and 26% said they had fired someone they discovered had given a fake excuse. So how are these not-really-sick employees getting caught? Social media. 43% of employers surveyed said they discovered an employee was lying about being sick after checking out their social media accounts.


It was hard enough for this grandfather when he realized he was only three letters short of solving the final puzzle on Wednesday night's episode of Wheel of Fortune. THEN...Pat Sajak flipped open the card to show that he would've won $1 million. (See the video below)


As wonderful as sharing a Thanksgiving meal is, there’s a whole lot of slicing, dicing, and stress that goes into creating that turkey dinner. So if you want to enjoy the holiday with loved ones and not spend the day stressed out over a labor-intensive menu, Trader Joe’s has you covered.

We love TJ’s for their cheap wine and delicious snacks, but this year, they’re making it easy on folks who don’t want to roast a turkey for hours with the Trader Joe’s Turkey Stuffing en Croute. It’s an all-in-one dish, made to serve up to eight people, and it all comes in a box.

The Turkey Stuffing en Croute is similar to a beef wellington, so the turkey tenderloin and cornbread stuffing are rolled into a buttery puff pastry crust. It also comes with gravy and cranberry sauce to complete the meal. But if you want something sweet to finish off your dinner, you’ll need to pick up a pie, too. Even though this dinner doesn’t include dessert, it’s only $13, so there’s plenty of room in your budget for pumpkin and pecan pies.

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