Morning Motivation! Her Laugh is Contagious!

This sweet woman suffered some health problems a few years ago, but she's living life to the fullest now!  Meet Helene Z. Miller.  She's 93 and she proves you’re never too old to dance.

Joana Zanin shared a video of her mother, Elizabeth, training Miller at a gym in Pierre, South Dakota. 

Joana's mom has been working with Miller three times a week for almost two years. While training, they focus on coordination, strength and balance.

About three years ago, Miller had a health scare. Now, she lives life to the fullest.

Helene says the gym gives her something to look forward to and that she can tell a difference in herself when she doesn't go.

When she's not working out, she's a grandma who loves her family.  We think she's the cutest thing ever!

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