Help Mom Find Necklace With Daughter's Ashes

Oh my gosh.  This story is heartbreaking.  If you or anybody you know was at Disney over the weekend...please share this with them!  We have to try to find this necklace!

Chastity Foster, a teacher from Augusta, lost her 17-year-old daughter last month.  Her name was Shaylin and she was killed in a car crash.

Chastity wasn't ready to let go of her daughter and that's why she wore Shaylin's ashes inside a cross necklace.

On Sunday, the pendant was lost as Chastity Foster ran in the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando, Florida. 

Chastity was hesitant to wear the cross pendant necklace with Shaylin's ashes because it means so much to her, but she wanted her daughter to be there with her as she ran even if she wasn't there physically.

Shaylin was a senior in high school and was already accepted into college to become a biomechanical engineer.  She wanted to create prosthetics for children. Shaylin planned to participate in the 13.1 mile race before she died. She even had a costume.

Her dad actually ran in her place.  He even wore her costume.

Chastity believes she lost the necklace between the Magic Kingdom parking entrance toll area and where the princes stood.

If you have any information, Chastity's Facebook page is posted below.  Please reach out to her or contact Jason and Kristen.

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