Kentucky Man Catches 50+ Pound Catfish In Flood

The rising floodwaters in Louisville, Kentucky over the weekend have definitely taken their toll.  For some...we're talking major headaches.  But for Robert Watkins, it has made for some great fishing weather!  

Watkins is making waves on social media after his daughter posted pictures of the massive catfish he recently caught. In his front yard.

Watkins lives in a home next to the Salt River Bridge, and the water level has risen so high that his yard is completely flooded.

It also means he's been doing some fishing.  The catfish in the picture is between 50 and 60 pounds he guesses.  He tied it to his porch and will either give it to a friend who has a large pond to accommodate it...or he'll simply release it back into the water.  He says they don't eat the big ones.

Thankfully, the waters haven't flooded the inside of his home yet.  And as long as that's the case, he says bring on the rain.

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