International Women's Day: Our Kristen Gates

It's International Women's Day. Jason Pullman knows her better than anyone.  We asked Jason to describe Kristen.  Here's what he says...

She's passionate...emotional...and hardworking. She loves her family. Her heart is always on her sleeve (in a really good way). She loves to drink Bud Light Lime. Kristen is talkative and kind.  She is incredibly outspoken - NO HOLDS BARRED! She's tenacious. She's always laughing. She's fiercely protective of the people who matter most to her. And I DEFINITELY don't want to be on her S*#T list!

If there was one song to describe our girl, Kristen Gates...this is it.  She's a little bit of everything...BELIEVE US!

To all of the girlies out there...HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY!

We asked Kristen to tell us her favorite GIRL POWER artist...and's Miranda!

Miranda Lambert is her SPIRIT ANIMAL!

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