You Choose The News for Thursday, May 3rd 2018


Follow Up On The Philadelphia Starbucks Incident

The two black men who were wrongly arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks in April have reached a settlement with the city, the mayor's office announced on Wednesday.

They'll only get a single dollar each, but the two 23-year-olds – Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson – will leave their mark in another way. They agreed to drop their claims if the city set up a $200,000 fund, tied into a non-profit organization, that will help young entrepreneurs in the city.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said in a statement, "I am pleased to have resolved the potential claims against the city in this productive manner."

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson thanked Nelson and Robinson in a statement for their "willingness to reconcile." The company made an undisclosed settlement with the men that's got to be much larger than $1 a piece.

Starbucks is also closing more than 8,000 stores in the U.S. for the afternoon on May 29th to train its nearly 175,000 employees in "racial-bias education."


Finish This Sentence: “Is There Anything Worse Than The Sound of ______”!

A Vermont man is facing charges that he used a shotgun to silence a smoke detector in the kitchen of his apartment. Police say two shots fired Monday afternoon from the 20-gauge shotgun owned by 68-year-old Leroy Mason, of Barton, hit the adjoining wall of an occupied apartment. Police say Mason has complained about frequent false alarms from his smoke detector, and he was upset fire crews wouldn't relocate it so he "took it upon himself to relocate the smoke detector, and shot it with the shotgun."

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