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Sleep through your vacation. It’s no secret that Americans don’t get enough sleep. We also don't take enough vacation. Well, now some hotels are trying to combine the two -- with sleep vacations. Yep, some hotels -- like The Benjamin in New York City -- are offering sleep packages -- where guests pay to get some shut-eye. At The Benjamin this includes triple pane windows, blackout curtains, earplugs, a pillow menu, and on-demand meditation. Westin hotels also offer a Sleep Well package at many of their locations. This includes a "heavenly bed," a spa credit, late checkout and a special "Sleep Well" food menu. 



But one Swedish woman has turned her failed tattoo into a whole new identity for her child. 

Johanna Giselhäll Sandström went to a local tattoo studio around three years ago to get the names of her two children inked on her arm. After consulting with Sandström about the correct placement of the design, the tattoo artist did his thing and Sandström went home with what she thought was a permanent declaration of love to her kids Nova and Kevin. 

There was just one problem. Kevin had become ‘Kelvin’. 

When she discovered the mistake, the young mother broke down in tears.

Sandström went straight back to the tattoo parlour, where the artist laughed and said there wasn’t much he could do. After all, the young mother had been given the chance to review the tattoo before the work began. He agreed to give her a refund and handed her the phone number of a tattoo removal clinic in Växjö.

When Sandström discovered that it would take multiple treatments to remove the tattoo, she and her husband opted for a different course of action. 

That’s right. Kevin became Kelvin. Not just to match the tattoo but because the name had grown on the parents.

(The Local)

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