You Choose The News for Wednesday, June 20th 2018


That Party Dip? It Can Give You Herpes

Double dippers be on notice, science is shutting you down. We all know that public double dipping is gross, but now it’s been proven you can literally make someone sick by doing it. Microbiologists did a test on three types of party dips: sour cream, hummus, and the Greek taramasalata.

The test was done for “Food Unwrapped” on Britain’s Channel 4. A presenter doubled dipped into each of them and the results were a bit shocking. It turns out even a hint of saliva contains thousands of types of bacteria and it goes right into the dip. Then, depending on the dip, it multiplies up to 100 times. In that bacteria is herpes, norovirus, or maybe countless other things that can make you sick!

By the way - the runnier the dip, the faster the bacteria multiplies. And sorry sour cream lovers, that means you're at the biggest risk. On the flip side, hummus spread bacteria the least because it was the thickest.

You can avoid the havoc double dipping causes, or at least slow down the process, by not leaving the dip out for long periods of time. Bacteria thrive in warm temperatures, which means they’ll grow faster.


Pitcher Tweaks Back While Taking Off His Pants

Chicago Cubs closer Brandon Morrow couldn't play yesterday.  The reason?  He pulled something in his back when he took off his pants.

Yep...he took off his pants and experienced back spasms the day before after their game.

"It's frustrating any time you can't get out there, and especially when you can't go because of something stupid like taking your pants off," he said.

Morrow isn't the first Cubs player to hurt his back in strange fashion.

Fourteen years ago, slugger Sammy Sosa suffered a sprained ligament in his back following a couple of big sneezes and landed on the disabled list.

Wowzers.  Be careful, guys.

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