You Choose The News for Tuesday, July 10th 2018


Most Parents Still Want To Have Boys

When you ask parents-to-be whether they want a boy or a girl, most will likely say they "don’t care as long as it’s healthy." But the truth? Deep down, most do have a preference.

A recent Gallup poll asked parents that if they could only have one kid, which would they have and most people would rather have a boy. Overall, 36% of those polled would rather add a little boy to their family, while 28% would want a girl, and 36% said they had no preference.


Is Costco's Food Court Getting Rid Of Their Hot Dogs

Most people can't go to Costco without stopping at the food court.  And for many, it's all about the incredibly inexpensive $1.50 hot dog combo.  It's no surprise, then, that Costco customers are less-than-thrilled with some changes being made to the food court menu. The Polish hot dog has been removed from the lineup to make room for healthier options, including acai fruit bowls, organic burgers, and a plant-based protein salad.

Based on the social media responses, people are outraged over Costco nixing their beloved Polish hot dog. Users are tweeting #SaveThePolishDog, and some have even threatened to take their membership elsewhere.

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