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How To Ease Your Child’s Back To School Anxiety

It’s back-to-school season and that means a lot of stressed out kids.

Performance and friends are just two of the worries kids have about getting back to their education routine.

Don’t fluff it off, these are serious concerns for young minds, especially if they’re transitioning to different schools.

Here’s how to make your kiddo feel better.

Validate their feelings. Don’t tell them how to feel, just be supportive.

Once you acknowledge the feelings, let them know they can do something about their feelings. Ask your child what might help them.

The coping skills you teach them will carry over through life. These are firsts for both of you, so get help in helping your child if you need it. Learning skills takes time and practice let your kid know it and remember it for yourself.


Would-Be Bank Robber Balks, Asks to Open Account Instead 

A would-be bank robber turned into a would-be bank customer Friday afternoon, police say. 

The suspect walked into a Bayonne, NJ, bank and handed a teller a note demanding "all the money." But as the teller read the note, he snatched it back and said he wanted to open an account. 

A customer service rep met with him in another area, but the suspect didn't have the ID needed to open an account; as the man was meeting with yet another employee, the teller told the customer service rep about the note. 

That employee confronted the suspect and escorted him out of the building; by the time police and bank security were alerted to the incident, he was gone. An investigation continues.

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