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The Hardest Social Media Apps To Take A Break From

As aggravating as social media can be, especially these days, staying away from it isn’t easy. No matter how much we say we’re going to take a break, something keeps drawing us back in, and a new report reveals some sites are harder than others to stay away from.

A new Harris Poll finds that off all the social media apps out there, Facebook is the hardest one for folks to give up.

Hardest Social Media Apps to Take a Break From

Facebook (49%)

YouTube (29%)

Instagram (21%)

Twitter (14%)

Snapchat (12%)

Pinterest (10%)

LinkedIn (5%)

Tinder (2%)

So just how bad is our addiction to these apps? Well, the poll finds that 31% of folks actually say they grew anxious when they didn’t check their social media regularly.


Both Benches Clear At Last Night's Braves Game

After hitting a leadoff home run in three straight games someone finally figured out a way to stop Ronald Acuña Jr.

By hitting him first.

And that would be Marlins hurler José Ureña, who nailed Acuña Jr. with the first pitch of his at-bat, pegging the 20-year-old superstar in the elbow. Unsurprisingly, the rest of the Atlanta Braves didn’t take too kindly to the fastball as benches cleared, and plenty of words were exchanged.

Moments later, as Acuña headed to first base, the rookie outfielder tossed his shin guard toward the pitcher’s mound. Braves manager Brian Snitker began shouting again, and the benches emptied once more.

Simply put, this was show of complete cowardice from the entire Marlins team as Ureña was deservedly ejected.

The Braves went on to win the game 5-2.  Acuña is listed as day to day.  

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