You Choose The News - Monday, September 10th 2018


Mom Uses Taco Bell To Track Baby’s Growth During Pregnancy

You’ve probably seen moms-to-be share updates on social media of everything pregnancy related, including comparing the baby in their belly to different foods to get an idea of its size. But one Kentucky woman has gotten super creative with her pregnancy and is documenting the growth of her baby using food from Taco Bell.

Kelsey McKain says she searched the Taco Bell menu and created a week-by-week spreadsheet to show how big the baby would be using menu item from the fast food restaurant. She started when she was 13 weeks along, when Baby McKain was just the size of a hot sauce packet. Awww, so little.

At 17 weeks, Baby McKain had grown to the size of four Cinnabon Delights from the Bell and Kelsey even got a tweet from Cinnabon on that one. “Congrats on the bon in the oven,” they wrote in the punny tweet.  By week 27, the baby in her belly was the size of Nachos Bell-Grande and by week 30, it was as big as a Chicken Quesadilla.

The expecting mom’s most recent update was week 38, when Baby McKain was the size of a #4 combo - a Mexican Pizza, two tacos, and a large drink. Kelsey’s due date is September 10th, so time’s almost up. Congratulations to the Taco Bell fan.


Connecticut Woman Blows Off Hand After Mistaking Dynamite for Candle During Blackout

A Connecticut woman was hospitalized after she accidentally mistook a stick of dynamite for a candle.

The poor woman suffered extreme injuries to one of her hands and serious injuries to her face.

When the power went out, the family went to the Home Depot to purchase backup lighting, but the store was closed.  Then they remembered that when they purchased their home a couple of years ago, there were a couple of candles (or what they thought were candles) in the basement left by the previous owners.

When the woman lit the object, it exploded in her hand and blew out at least one window in the home. In addition to the trauma to her face, the mother-of-two had also lost severa lfingers.  This poor woman!  

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