Summer T-Shirt Program Turns Into Kindness Project

Let us introduce you to a pretty awesome family from right here in the Cumming area.  Meet the Moore family!  

Jackie Moore and her husband created a shirt project for their 17 year-old daughter, Jordyn.  Jordyn has autism - so the purpose of the shirt project was to teach Jordyn job skills.  With each order, Jordyn rolls the shirt, adds a wristband, puts it in the package and adds a signed thank you card. Jordyn does all of this with the help of Sarah, a typical teenager from her high school.

When the Moore's came up with the idea of this t-shirt project, the goal was to sell about 40 shirts. Just a little something to occupy time and teach job skills over the summer.  It's been about three months and the project has exploded!  What started out as a small project has turned into a kindness project spreading across the country.

Shirts have been ordered from all 50 states and people have taken photos vacationing in the shirts in Mexico, London, Africa, Croatia, Aruba and many more places!

Jackie said, "My husband and I came up with the idea because we constantly worry about what happens to Jordyn when she ages out of school.  We realized her best chance for an opportunity was us creating one.  This project has completely changed our fears over her future into hope for what's to come for her.  We've realized that people want to help if given a way."

You can see more about their project on the Facebook page listed below.

Or...if you want to check out their website, CLICK HERE!

We all know...the world needs a little more kindness in it!

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