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Man Wins $10M Lottery After Rain Stops Him From Mowing Lawn

After a day at work, Charles Martin headed back to his home in Amelia Courthouse, Virginia to do some yard work. But his evening outside was cut short when it started to rain, so he headed to his favorite convenience store to get some scratch-off lottery tickets instead.

That was a smart move because one of those scratcher tickets was a winner, a really big winner. Martin’s Extreme Millions ticket won him the top prize - $10-million! The odds of winning that are one in almost three million (2,937,600.) He had the choice of taking the full $10-million over 30 years or a one-time cash payment of $6,570,302 before taxes and he picked the cash option.


Great-Grandma Takes One Shot, Fells Huge Gator

"One shot in the head and he just went under." 

With that, great grandmother Judy Cochran had the makings for a pair of alligator boots, or perhaps a closet full of them. 

Judy snagged a 12-foot, 580-pound gator at her family's ranch along the Trinity River during a 20-day hunting season. 

Suspecting the animal killed her miniature horse three years ago, she plans to eat the meat and mount the "humongous" head in her office.

Don't mess with Granny!

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