Have You Seen This Yukon?

Listener Shawn had to sell his 2003 GMC Yukon back in 2016 because he needed the extra money to get married.  Now he'd like to track the vehicle down and try to buy it back from the person he sold it to.

The guy that bought it was a college student in Atlanta.  Shawn actually dealt with his father, but the buyer did travel to Tallapoosa to pick it up.

Shawn has a lot of memories with that Yukon.  He had his first date with his now-wife in it.  He also proposed to her in it.  They also used to go camping with it too.  He actually purchased it from his good buddy and says they made tons of memories in it too.

Shawn has been looking for his old Yukon for over a year.  It means a whole lot to him.  Have you seen it? Or do you know who is currently driving it?  If so, email Kristen: kristen@949thebull.com.

Let's see if we can find Shawn's Yukon!

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