You Choose The News for Monday, October 8th 2018


Mom Realizes She’s Been Wearing Thong In Her Hair All Day:

With so much to do, mom’s often have little time to worry about what they’re wearing. One mom posted to an online forum that she’s “mortified” after realizing she had been been wearing a thong in her hair all day. According to her, she was hurrying to get out of the house one day, and when she wanted to do her makeup, she decided to tie up her hair to make it easier. Thing is, she couldn’t find a hair tie, so she took a clean thong and used it as a temporary fix… except she forgot to take it out when she finally left the house. She didn’t notice for the whole day until her young daughter decided to point it out.


Remember last week?  Jason's wife ordered a chicken dish at True Food Kitchen and there was a maggot crawling out of her chicken?  Yeah...well...the company has responded.  Here ya go...

Hi Jason,

I’ve been made aware of your recent experience at True Food Kitchen and wanted to personally apologize. We take great pride in having some of the some of the highest standards in the restaurant industry and take every necessary measure to ensure those high standards are being met at each of our restaurants. 

We hope that you will reach out and let us know if there’s anything we can do to assure you of our commitment to food quality, service and obsessive hospitality.



Yep...that was it.  Would you be okay with this?  We get the feeling Jason IS NOT.  If you didn't get to see the video last week, check it out below...

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