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Hair Stylist Finds Stage 4 Breast Cancer On Client’s Scalp

A trip to the salon turned out to be so much more for Patty Bolle when she went to see her stylist, Nikki McClure, recently. The Michigan woman was in the hairdresser’s chair for a haircut when she noticed something unusual. McClure told her client she had a bald spot on her scalp and Bolle had no idea it was there.

The stylist says it was about the size of a dime, red and splotchy, and it wasn’t sensitive, but Bolle headed to have it checked out at the doctor. She was in remission from breast cancer she was treated for 13 years earlier and a biopsy of the spot on her scalp revealed the cancer had returned and has spread through Bolle’s body.

But this time, Bolle’s breast cancer is stage 4 and metastatic, which means it will keep coming back and regenerate in different forms. She’s now being treated with an oral drug that targets the cancer and she feels good. And she knows she’s not home free since metastatic breast cancer is “relentless,” but she’s hopeful that the new drugs could work well for her.

McClure wants Bolle’s story to serve as a reminder about the importance of checking your entire body for anything irregular that could be a sign of a health issue. And since your stylist sees your scalp more than your doctor does, if she sees anything out of the ordinary, get it checked out. Better safe than sorry and all.


It's A Small World!

Jason's wife met a potential client.  After talking for about an hour, he asked if there was a tie to Michigan.  She kept telling him she didn't think so because Jason was born and raised here in Georgia. This client's name was Kevin and he was adamant that there had to be some sort of connection.  He then asked if Jason's parents had a Michigan connection.  Bingo!  Jason's mom was from Michigan.  Kevin then called his mom to ask if she knew who Jason's mom was.  Sure enough...the two attended the same high school!  Kevin's mom even took a picture of Jason's mom's high school picture in the yearbook!  

Fast forward about a month and now Jason and Kevin have become great friends!  They've even had a couple of bro dates in the last week!  Haha!  Kevin actually works right across the street from the radio station!  Talk about a small world!!!  Here's a picture of Jason and his new BFF Kevin!  And below it is the picture that Kevin's mom sent of Jason's mom!

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