You Choose The News for Monday, November 12th 2018


Simple Ways To Improve Your Life Daily

The Bottom Line: Happiness leads to a better life

Imagine having that “warm and fuzzy” feeling you get when a kindness is done every single day of your life. Well, not everyday, but close to it. It’s possible.

You can practice kindness on a regular basis and you’ll be surprised at how happy you feel about your life. All it takes is a little thoughtfulness. Since it’s the season of giving, here’s how to practice gratitude and kindness, thanks to the people at

Thank someone publicly on social media.

Greet someone by their name. It’s a big deal.

Take five minutes for yourself.

Ask a stranger about their day.

Treat yourself and a friend! Then pay it forward to the next person in line.


Jason asked his wife, Taylor do something over the weekend.  She said "HECK NO!".  He couldn't believe she refused to do it.  When he asked her why she told him it was disgusting.  Again, he was in shock. Why in the world would his wife REFUSE to do this with him?  And how could she say that it was gross?  They were a married couple and married couples should be doing this on a regular basis.  Guess what it was?

Soup.  Taylor refused to share her soup with Jason.  Hahahahaha!!!

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