You Choose The News for Tuesday, Nov. 20th 2018


Can’t get your guy to watch those Hallmark holiday movies with you? 

This could change things … a Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game. Brittany Graves of Fort Worth, Texas, created the game a couple years ago and posted to Facebook. It’s awesome! There are a bunch of scenarios that require a drink, like:

  • If the main character has a holiday themed name like Noel or Holly
  • If the main character is a city person transplanted into a small town
  • If there is some sort of magical agreement with an angel or Santa
  • If the characters are drinking hot cocoa or egg nog

And if the cynic of the story is suddenly filled with the holiday spirit you’ve got to finish your ENTIRE drink. And you’ve got to take a shot if the movie stars Candace Cameron Bure, Lacy Chabert, Danica McKellar or Lori Loughlin. It’s likely you won’t be standing by the end of the first movie!


Incredible darts row as opponents accuse each other of farting

Players set more than just their arrows flying at the Grand Slam of Darts this week, with opponents complaining over who had emitted noxious smells during their match, media report.

PDC chairman Barry Hearn, who has helped transform a sport which now attracts sell-out crowds, told the BBC the controversy was “unique” in his experience of professional darts.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of such a contentious - almost contagious - incident,” he said.


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