You Choose The News for Wednesday, Nov. 21st 2018


Georgia Middle School Student Gets Disciplined For Hugging Another Student

A female middle school student in Carroll County got a "level one offense" for hugging her friend that was upset.  The school system handbook states that public displays of affection at middle and high schools can range from a warning to short-term suspension.  Ummmm... does anybody else think that this is ridiculous?!?!?!


Pilot in Hot Water After Giving Airport-Goers an Eyeful

Capt. Andrew Collins doesn't deny he stood in his birthday suit in front of his hotel window at Denver International Airport in September. He just didn't think anyone could see him.  

But the 54-year-old United Airlines pilot was definitely visible to a bunch of people in the airport's main terminal, and he's now been hit with a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure. A police report indicates that Collins allegedly pulled back the curtains of his 10th-floor Westin hotel room, which overlooks the DIA terminal, while in the buff, "in full view of the public."

His story is a little different.  He says he was getting ready to take a shower that morning but then hopped on a phone call that lasted nearly 30 minutes. He says he pulled back the curtains and stood in front of the window while he chatted, but he insists he couldn't see the terminal below through the "opaque" green glass of the concourse windows, and so he figured they couldn't see him, either.

A UA rep says Collins has been "removed from his duties" while an investigation is carried out.  His next court appearance is Dec. 5.

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