Local Musician Receives Incredible Act of Kindness

We got this email a few weeks ago.  Kayla is a local musician who told us a story about something special that she lost...and then got back because of the kindness of others.  

I am a musician. Been playing guitar for 14 years. I have one guitar that I take everywhere. To every show. It’s been signed by Lauren Alaina, Lindsay Ell and more.  I even played this guitar WITH Lauren Alaina at the North Georgia State Fair last year. 

Times got tough. I needed money for gas and food and my guitar is all I had. As much as I hated it. I pawned it. Long story short it hadn’t been a month but I knew it was close and I had the money so I went to get it Friday. Just to find out they sold it WEDNESDAY! I actually had six days left.

I was broken. I cried . A lot. So I turned to Facebook. It’s a small county where everyone is connected so I posted it and it was shared almost 600 times! I was hoping the one who bought it would see my post and let me buy it back. 

I didn’t hear anything all weekend. I finally told my friend I was giving up.  My guitar was gone.  Then I got a random friend request from a woman who said she had some good news.  Her daughter sings and plays too so this woman’s husband bought their daughter the guitar at the pawn shop. That was on Wednesday.  The woman said she and her husband discussed it and they knew that God sent them for that guitar. They wanted to meet me and give it back. 

So I immediately called her and they met me with my guitar! The price tag on it was $174.99. It’s a $500 Guitar. But they refused to let me reimburse them! Or buy their daughter another guitar. They just gave it back. The woman (Amie) and her husband (Brandon) told me that they could see that my guitar had been on a journey. And that - that journey wasn’t theirs.  It was mine.  They told me to continue that journey.

It just amazed me and I am still overwhelmed! That is a feel good story. There is hope for humanity.

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