You Choose The News for Friday, January 25th 2019


America’s Most Expensive Home Sells For $238-Million

The most expensive home in the United States has just sold…for a cool $238-million. The owner? New York Hedge Funder Ken Griffin.

What does one obtain for such a price…rolling hills, hundreds of acres? Nope. A sweet 24-thousand square foot, four-story condo in New York City’s Central Park South. And by the way? It’s not even finished being built yet!

If you’ve got the extra scratch laying around and want in, your neighbors would also include Sting and Trudie Styler.

About Griffin? It’s not like he has a tough time parting with his money. Among his properties, Griffin has a $58.75-million condo in Chicago; a $60-million penthouse in Miami at Faena House; a $122-million London mansion…and $250-million worth of land to build a Palm Beach compound. Aside from property, he also likes art.  He appears to be single. Griffin and his second wife divorced in October 2015.



KFC has developed a new scented candle that smells like gravy -- and they’re actually selling a limited number of the candles over in England.

Engineers who worked on the candles paid attention to detail and designed the candles to have the same ratios of smells found in the ingredients of KFC’s actual gravy. 

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