Calling All Gamers! You Can Save A Life!

Image of teenager playing computer video game with wireless gaming-controller

Today is World Blood Donor Day and the need for blood is significant. Every two seconds, an American needs blood. One whole pint of blood can save three or more lives. The Shepeard Community Blood Center is at a shortage for this summer. The pool of donors is declining because about 45% of the nation’s blood donors are over 50 years old, and as the population ages, it gets harder to maintain the levels needed to save lives.

To help engage a new generation of young donors, Shepeard has partnered with Team Liquid, a multi-regional, professional esports organization with a new program to rally young donors.

The program is called Heal For Real.

The website explains: "Whenever you play a game, you take damage. Then you heal. Sometimes, life is like that too. Every two seconds someone, somewhere needs real blood. It only takes an hour to donate. Together, we can save lives. Esports powerhouse Team Liquid wants you to Heal for Real."

Team Liquid is offering cool exclusive giveaways and other prizes all year to donors.

So if you are a gamer, put down the controller for an hour, go to to find a donation center near you and save a life!

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