Chris Lane's "Proposal" to Angie Ward

Chris Lane and I have been friends for more years than I care to admit. We met in Greensboro, NC right after his not so flattering American Idol audition (see below- sorry buddy!). I saw him and his brother Corey on the show and noticed that they were from Kernersville, NC, where I was currently living at the time, so I reached out. We became fast friends!

I have followed his career from his playing rooms with 25 people in them to playing to a sold out Wrigley Field in Chicago. I didn't think I could be prouder as a friend until he met Lauren Bushnell.

After meeting this wonderfully sweet lady and seeing how much the two of them love and respect each other, I knew my friend had found his soulmate!

Last week, I got a little Tiffany blue box in the mail with a very kind note ..... check it out in the video above!

the box

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