Krystal Company files bankruptcy

NOOOOOO!! The burger joint responsible for getting me through college and most of my adult life has filed bankruptcy!

The Krystal Company, based in Dunwoody, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday (Sunday) citing debts between $50 and $100 million dollars.

Every morning before my air-shift when I was on the radio in college at Auburn University, I stopped at Krystal for breakfast. When I moved to North Carolina after school and there were no Krystal locations near me, I would buy dozens and take them back to the Carolina's and freeze them (before they started selling them that way!) every time I came home for a visit.

One time, my Krystal burgers even saved my life! I was traveling home to North Carolina after a visit in Nashville, I stopped at the last Krystal before the state line to grab a couple dozen to take home. Shortly after that I got trapped in my car in a blizzard for 20 hours and luckily had my Krystal burgers to eat! #truestory

Krystal is the south’s oldest fast food chain and they operate more than 300 restaurants in nine states. Krystal, also calls itself the "second-oldest quick-service chain in the country."

In the last couple of years, they tried a new, smaller restaurant model. They also have tried to re-franchise more than 100 company owner locations, and closing under-performing ones . But the CEO overseeing those projects suddenly left the company last fall in a management shakeup.

The company also closed about 44 locations over the last year, including 13 on Dec. 15, to boost its finances.

No word yet on the closing of locations (if any) in our area, so you better eat up and grab a "sakful" while you can. I know I will!

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