New Atlanta program helps restaurants and healthcare workers!

What an amazing idea! An incredible new program just launched to help keep restaurants in business and feed health-care workers! Scrubs Grub launched Tuesday and has already raised close to $5000!

Here’s how it works and how Atlantans—including restaurant owners—can get involved.

  1. Donations, recommended at a starting ask of$10 each, are submitted toScrubs Grub via GoFundMe.
  2. 100 percent of collected funds are given to participating restaurants to cook meals and pay employees.
  3. The meals are delivered by the Scrubs Grub team to COVID-19 frontline workers to enjoy, free of charge.

Let's keep Atlanta restaurants busy and our healthcare workers well fed!

We are bringing people together to harness the power of local restaurants and coordinate preparation and deliveries to support our front line and workers.

Katrina Spivey and Katherine Drolett, the co-founders say on their Go-Fund Me Page that they " will provide participating hospitals with a weekly meal, partnering with local restaurants to provide the meals. We hope to simultaneously generate needed business for restaurants and feed our brave healthcare workers."

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