Nickelback Covers The Devil Went Down To Georgia With A Darker Tone

Nickelback Special Announcement And Live Performance

Nickelback hates that people think all they play are gushy love songs. Instead, they want all of us to know that each member of the band has a real metal-head streak.

I'm pretty sure they prove it with their own spin on the Charlie Daniels classic, “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.”

The band has shared a cover of the tune, and it ditches fiddling for F-bombs. They decided to make it heavy with a little more evil sound to it. The goal was to give it a little bit more of a darker tone.

I'm not saying I love it as much as the original. I mean, there is no out-doing Charlie Daniels...EVER. But I'm not ready to say I don't like it either. It's just different.

I will warn you *** THERE ARE EXPLETIVES IN THIS COVER *** !!!!!!!

It comes along with an animated music video featuring a double-necked electric guitar-playing devil. You can check it out below.

Photo: Getty Images

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