Marvel Cinematic Universe in Georgia: ANT MAN

If you actually sit through the end credits of your favorite Marvel Studio movies you will mostly likely see a Georgia Peach float by on the screen saying "Filmed In Georgia"

The metro Atlanta area has been home for Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) heroes since Pinewood Atlanta Studios opened in Fayetteville in 2014.

But there are many other locations around town you will spot if you look closely. Every Friday I will spotlight a different Movie or Show filmed in GA and point out a few of it localities you may have missed!

We'll start today with the A's and ANT MAN - released in 2015. Starring Paul Rudd as Scott Lang (Ant Man)

  • The Gwinnett County Detention Center doubled as San Quentin to detain Scott Lang in Ant Man.
  • The House where Scott Lang visits his daughter's birthday party is a private residence on Clemont Drive NE
  • When Hope Pym and Darren Cross have dinner, you'll notice St. Cecilia in Buckhead in the background
  • That ally where the police are chasing Ant Man downtown is actually Forsyth Street
  • When Ant Man hops on the San Francisco street car, he's really on Luckie Street downtown
  • Avengers' Head Quarters is Georgia's Porsche Experience Center
  • ‘Pym Technologies’ is the Old Georgia Archives Building, 330 Capitol Avenue SE Atlanta.

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