Ride with Angie on The Riddler Mindbender at Six Flags Over Georgia!

Angie Ward on The Riddler Mindbender

Six Flags Over Georgia has added a new twist to an old favorite! The Riddler Mindbender makes it's debut this weekend!

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and spent most of my summers at Six Flags and a lot of my time was spent waiting in line to ride the MINDBENDER. So when Six Flags asked my friend Mark McLaughlin and I to have a sneak peak private ride on the newly remodeled rollercoaster, we jumped at it! (See video below)

The original Mindbender debuted at Six Flags in 1978. It was closed in 2020 and updated. Now it has a smoother track, all new modernized train cars with increased capacity, a fresh coast or bright green paint and a new control system allowing for more efficient ride operations.

The Riddler Mindbender is part of GOTHAM CITY at SIx Flags Over Georgia. Gotham City now includes Batman: The Ride, The Joker Chaos Coaster, Harley Quinn Wild Whirl, DC Super Villains Swing, Poison Ivy Toxic Spin and The Riddler Mindbender.

If you don't believe I am a SIx Flags Addict...check out some of the videos below from my adventures!

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