Check out the Crazy Fair Food at the 2021 North Georgia State Fair!

My job is tough sometimes. I was once again asked to be a judge at the 2021 North Georgia State Fair Crazy Fair Food Contest!

This may have been the toughest contest yet! Watch the video to see all of the delicious entiries and my co-judge Mishelle's special YUM and Smiley face judging system!

Our contestants this year were:

  • The Caramel Corn Dog
  • Chimney Sausage
  • Land & Sea Mac & Cheese
  • Foot Long Dripping Beef
  • Nutty Pickled Corn Dog
  • The Crazy Moose Juice - WINNER! MOST CREATIVE
  • New & Crazy Tots
  • Pumplin Spice Pretzel
  • Hog Dog
  • Oreo Pie
  • Granny Smith Caramel Apple Shake
  • Grandma Brown's Caramel Apple Cinnamon Roll - WINNER! BEST TASTING

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