iPhone 14 is reportedly a 'complete redesign'

Man holding iPhone X with streaming service media video TikTok

Photo: iStockphoto

So we JUST got the iPhone 13... even those that that have pre-ordered probably don't even have it yet.. but here comes the chatter about the iPhone 14!

Reports suggest that it will be a COMPLETE redesign -- which would be the first redesign since the iPhone X in 2017.

There were recent reports that the annoying black notch at the top of the current iPhones will go away -- but the rumor reporting about the new 14 doesn't mention that at all.

AND -- the rumors also suggest that the new model may look more like a larger iPhone 4 -- with an outer band around the phone made of titanium.. along with cameras that are flush at the back.

So who knows how true these rumors are... but, does it make you think twice about upgrading now and hanging onto your current iPhone for another year? It sure does for me!!

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