NO BOARDING PASS NEEDED -- Coming to Delta flights at ATL soon!

Delta Airline Aircraft Ascending into Blue Sky

Photo: Getty Images

The next time you board a Delta flight at the ATL airport, you may not even need a boarding pass.

Yep -- no carrying around that piece of paper that you print out, no fumbling with your phone to pull up your mobile boarding pass -- just to have to go to sleep as soon as you get to the front of the boarding line!

Delta Airlines has a new, exclusive partnership with TSA PreCheck to use facial recognition technology to make you airport experience from the curb to the gate even smoother!

You need a TSA PreCheck® membership and a Delta SkyMiles number -- that's it! Just opt-in when you check in for your flight, and all you'll need to do is look into a camera at the bag drop area, and your image is encrypted and sent to US Customs and Border Protection's facial biometric matching service. That matches your face to your government-issued ID, and boom -- you're off! No boarding pass or ID needed all the way to the airplane!

Participation is completely voluntary.

Read the full press release here!

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