Kristen Gates & Angie Ward: Atlanta Braves Girls for LIFE!

The Atlanta Braves World Series win may have been 26 years in the making, but Kristen Gates and I have loved for the Braves long before that!

We both were raised in Georgia and Braves baseball was just a part of our lives.

As we were talking about the World Series win, the city wide parade and all of the wonderful things happening in our state surrounding this monumental win, we started comparing stories and realized that even though we didn't grown up together, we had so many similar childhood Braves memories. From running around Fulton County Stadium when it was practically empty because no one went to the games, watching "America's Team" on TBS, and even celebrating the last World Series win in 1995!

On a personal note I'd like to thank the entire Atlanta Braves organization, from the players to the front office and everyone in between! Not just for this year, but for all of the wonderful memories. My life would not have been the same without you. The truth is, I might not have ever even gotten into radio had it not been for my love of baseball! My first radio "job" was working in the booth and doing anything that was asked of me for Auburn Baseball radio coverage while in college at Auburn University - this led to my radio career.

It's only fitting that the year I am inducted into the Country Radio Hall Of Fame, my Atlanta Braves make it to the top as well! 2021 will NOT be forgotten!

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