Former Brave Dansby Swanson Tells Emotional Story of his Grandfather

Chicago Cubs Introduce Dansby Swanson

Photo: Getty Images

Former Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson signed a free agent contract with the Chicago Cubs this offseason for 7years 177millions dollars. For us Braves fan, of course it it bitter sweet to see a hometown kid move on from us after being such a huge part of the organization's recent success and being part of the World Series win. Many people don't know however, that signing with the Cubs is far more personal for him and means a lot more to the special relationship he had with his baseball loving grandfather.

Dansby grew up across the street from his grandfather in Marietta and every day would come home from school and make him hit him grounders. When he would walk into his grandfather's house, he would always have a Cubs game on TV. When you are young sports fan, it is hard to fathom people liking other teams outside of your hometown, but as you grow up you realize that those teams always help you connect with the past and your childhood. That is a hug part of sports, building memories.

The day after Dansby got married Dec. 10th, his grandfather who had been in hospice passed away. He said that being able to sign with the Cubs, his grandfather's "2nd favorite team" felt like a special calling for him. He was able to win a championship in his hometown in front of his grandfather and being able to work to win one in Chicago as a tribute to his late grandfather is truly a special personal mission. We all wish him well and he will always be "Atlanta's Dansby Swanson."

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