Georgia Airport Named 'North America's Best Airport'

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Another airport in Georgia has been recognized as being the best place for travelers to get to their destinations, this time beating all other airports in North America to claim the top spot.

According to an awards list compiled by Business Traveler, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is the best airport in all of North America, serving around 275,000 passengers each day and more than 100 million each year. This isn't the first time ATL has earned the title of best airport in North America. In fact, it's the second year in a row that the airport received the distinction.

Not only is ATL a "passenger favorite" thanks to its "relentless efficiency," it also serves as a great spot for good food and has a massive local impact.

"ATL is a major economic force with a local annual impact of $86 billion," the site states. "It is also among the world's best airports for foodies, ranking second worldwide, with 121 restaurants serving 38 cuisines in its terminals."

ATL general manager Balram "B" Bheodari said, "ATL is not just a transit point, it is a gateway to the world," while Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens stated the airport continues to work for improvement even with its success, per FOX 5.

"Even as ATL continues to receive recognition for its world-class service, the City of Atlanta is constantly working to improve operations and passenger experience," Dickens said.

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ATL is not the only Georgia airport to receive praise in recent memory. In October, another well-traveled spot was named the best airport in the entire country.

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