Amy Used Alexa To Help Teach Kids What “Gold Diggers” Mean

Amy’s son asked her how they would be able to tell if someone is a gold digger.

She was not sure where he heard that term, and she didn’t know how to respond, so she went with her usual default and told him to ask Alexa.

Alexa told him to spot a gold digger, you watch out for someone who asks about what you own, what you earn and your stock options early in the relationship. It also gave him an example of how the person would respond when asked about their career. It said if they are happy to stay in a low-level job or not have a job at all, they may be looking for someone to fund their lifestyle. Alexa even suggested if they wanted to test out their partner to give them an inexpensive but thoughtful gift and see how they react and be cautious if your partner often has sudden emergencies where they need money from you.  

These are the tips Alexa offered to avoid gold diggers:  

  • Don’t pretend to be rich.  
  • Don’t show off.  
  • Don’t mention that you’re rich.  
  • Listen to your friends because often they can spot one before you can.  
  • Don’t dress too nicely.  
  • Live in a normal house.  
  • Make sure your expensive cars are stored away.  
  • Don’t go to fancy restaurants too often.  

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