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Kimmie’s Critters

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Kimmie's Critters: Meet Hot Chocolate

Name: Hot Chocolate

Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 5

Breed: Shepherd

Time at PAWS Atlanta: 4-ish years

Likes: treats, learning new tricks, attention

Dislikes: anything that doesn’t involve him


We’ve known Hot Chocolate since he was just a baby, and he's as sweet as his name implies. He was adopted from PAWS Atlanta as a puppy, but he was returned as an adult, when the kids went off to college. 

Since the first time he was returned, Hot Chocolate has been returned to PAWS Atlanta a couple of times, mainly due to the fact that he's still a work in progress. While he was well cared for in his first home, we suspect he was under-socialized and undertrained. That combined with some more time in a shelter without the extended one-on-one time he really needs means that our sweet boy has some learning to do. Even so, he is smart and ready for whatever you throw at him! He's highly treat-motivated which is a huge help for learning new skills, many of which he is already mastering. Hot Chocolate is loyal and protective of his friends. He has a huge heart and is just waiting for a forever family to be the subject of his affection.

Hot Chocolate needs help catching up on his social skills and confidence building, so he'd love a family with some dog experience. When you first meet him, Hot Chocolate is shy but still wants to connect with you. He takes a little time to show his true colors, but it's worth the wait! This sweet boy wants nothing more than to be your friend.

Hot Chocolate would love to find a match who can see his potential. He needs someone who's up for a bit of work as he builds his confidence. He needs to be an only dog in an adult home, at least until he's all caught up with his good-boy skills. This beautiful, sweet boy will be your best companion, and soak up every good thing you offer him.  

If Hot Chocolate is the sweetheart for you, fill out an adoption application today!

Photo: PAWS Atlanta

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