Kimmie’s Critters

Kimmie’s Critters

Teaming Up with PAWS Atlanta to find homes for the city's cutest residents!


Kimmie's Critters: Meet Bully!

Name: Bully

Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 9 years

Breed: Retriever

Time at PAWS Atlanta: 3 years

Likes: People, hanging out with you, basically everything

Dislikes: Being alone

Bio: Bully is a dream! He loves meeting new people, does great with other dogs, rides in the car wonderfully, loves kids, and is great with cats. He’s a very big boy and a gentle giant. Playtime, hiking, errands, couch naps - he’ll do anything as long as he’s with you. Bully would be a wonderful family dog! He’s crate trained, house trained, and is just a super fun dude. The only thing holding Bully back from being adopted is that he’s on a special diet that’s relatively expensive. We think he’s worth it, though. 

Click here for more information on Bully and adopting from PAWS Atlanta.

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