Kimmie’s Critters

Kimmie’s Critters

Teaming Up with PAWS Atlanta to find homes for the city's cutest residents!


UPDATE: Sparky from PAWS Atlanta

Name: Sparky

Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 3 years

Breed: Pit Bull/Boxer mix

Time at PAWS Atlanta: 1 year, transferred from Blakely County animal control

Likes: belly rubs, giving hugs, FOOD

Dislikes: being hungry!

Bio: We love this lug nut! He thrives when he’s the center of attention, and will flop on his back with his eyes closed for belly rubs the second that you meet him. Let’s just say Sparky has zero trust issues. He’s an excellent, handsome potato with limitless love to give. 

Sparky is a perfect combination of wild-child and nap-buddy. He’s playful and spontaneous but also very attentive - he's constantly checking in to make sure you’re having fun too. He adores people and cannot get close enough to you! He would be a great family dog and would love a human sibling! He is amazing with kids. He's currently a bit unsure about other animals. While he arrived with another dog and has lived with cats before, the shelter has made him a bit on edge, so he needs some time to decompress before he has a new animal buddy.

Sparky recently had surgery to remove one of his front limbs due to cancer. He had a wound on his leg when he arrived at PAWS Atlanta, but that turned into a lump on his paw after a few months. He’s now cancer free post-amputation! It took him some time to adjust to life on three legs, as he had some previous weakness in his hips. Now, though, he’s just as energetic as before, if not more so! Sparky might be down a leg but he’s up a heart size. lIf you’re looking for an open, happy, social dog, Sparky would be the perfect choice.  

For more on Sparky and adopting from PAWS Atlanta, click here.

Photo: Fred Strobel

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