Officer Pulls Mom Over For Expired Tags. Her Reasoning Stopped Him in His Tracks

Naomi has been through a lot.  The single mom was diagnosed with cancer during her second pregnancy.  After getting passed that, she moved to a new city for a new job.  Right after she arrived, that job fell through.

Naomi was able to find a new job but also needed to get new registration tags for her vehicle.  Trouble was, she just couldn't afford them.

While driving to the new job one day, an officer pulled her over for having expired tags.  She explained why they were so old.

"Well, it's between the tags and groceries, essentially."

The single mom with two kids under the age of five is just trying to make ends meet.  The officer had to give her a ticket and the both went on with their days.

Naomi was pretty much in tears when she went to work.  That's when two officers showed up at her office with bags of groceries.  It was a beautiful surprise.  She sent the officers a thank you note and later received a call from the police chief.  He told her that he'd seen the note and wanted to help.  An anonymous donor paid for her ticket, and then the officers got her more groceries and other items.

Love when a community steps up to help one of its own!

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