For Years, Doctors Told Him He Was "Just Fat," But He Knew Something Was Wrong

Roger Logan's story is a good reminder to be your own advocate, and to go with your gut and fight for yourself!

For 12 years, Logan saw doctor after doctor about his protruding midsection.

Over and over again, they told him it was just obesity. 

“They said it’s just fat, you’re just fat,” the 57-year-old told KERO-TV.

But Logan's health continued to decline until he was confined to one chair.

Doctors finally removed a 130-pound tumor that they believe began as an ingrown hair that became infected. Specialists only gave him a 50 percent chance of surviving surgery to have it removed. 

Fortunately, Logan's family found an experienced doctor who successfully operated last Tuesday, and he's expected to return home by the end of the week.

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